10 reasons TO DIG delight DIVISION/NEW purchase COVERS

JD and NO were never my favorites, but I can appreciate them. Here’s some covers.

1. ceremony (Joy division Cover)-Xiu Xiu

2. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You / Shadowplay (Joy division Cover live 2007)-The Killers. A studio version is available on the Killers’ last release, “Sawdust.”

3. delight in The Silence (new order)-Keane

4. Radiohead covers new Order! (Youtube link)

5. love Vigilantes (New purchase Cover)-Voxtrot

6. love will Tear us Apart (JD)-Calexico

7. Hurts like teen Spirit-Johnny Cash. one of the greatest mashups ever made, with a twinge of new purchase if you look for it.

8. Temptation (New purchase cover)-Bobby Bare Jr.

9. love will Tear us Apart (JD)-Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha

10. Lullaby (The Cure)-Editors. A band who owes its sound to delight division covering a band who owes its sound to new Order. Yeah, I’m kind of a wise ass.

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