AFFORDABLE fantastic FOUR: MISTER fantastic

We can’t have fantastic four speculation without acknowledging the team’s cornerstone, Mister Fantastic, and here are three keys with investment potential. 

For a character who has been one of marvel Comics’ flag bearers since its inception, it’s hard to believe that Mister fantastic has never had a solo comic. In fact, he’s rarely had any solo adventures despite his 61 years of fame. What that says is that he is the face of the fantastic four and Marvel’s go-to science genius. 

Today, let us celebrate the man who puts the fantastic in fantastic Four, Reed Richards.

FANTASTIC four annual #3

Generally speaking, wedding issues don’t retain much value. even the most famous of marriages, like Peter and Mary Jane, are often retconned or disavowed in some fashion. The one that seems to stick is that of Reed and sue Richards.

Though they have had their ups and downs over the decades, the pair remains loyal to one another, and their marriage holds the fantastic four together. another bonus offer to owning this issue is the first Silver Age appearance of Patsy Walker, better known by her superhero name, Hellcat. 

The highest grade to sell lately has been the 6.0, which brought $350 on July 8. If that’s too much for your wallet, a 5.5 sold for $175 the next day.


Throughout the decades, readers have met many Reed Richards from across the Multiverse. one of the early doppelgangers came from the High Evolutionary’s Counter-Earth, though he was more thing and less Mister Fantastic. 

In this alternate world, the FF experienced much different effects from exposure to cosmic radiation. The rays didn’t affect Johnny or Ben, so there was no Human Torch or Thing. It did, however, put sue in a coma. The only one to emerge with superpowers was Reed, turning him into a bald, purple monster with super strength. instead of Mister Fantastic, Counter-Earth Reed dubbed himself, “The Brute,” and he soon became evil. He would battle Adam Warlock and join the Frightful Four, who were defeated by the fantastic Four.

I doubt we’ll see Brute in the MCU outside of a possible What If…? episode, but this is a fun issue nonetheless. This also happens to be when HIM/Warlock transitions into Adam Warlock, and that helps keep the prices up. Still, $225 for a graded 9.6 isn’t a bad deal.

FANTASTIC four #570

Yes, the joke was on the audience once again in Multiverse of Madness. Kevin Feige has been quoted as saying the fans wanted John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic, and he wanted to give them that. At first glance, that may sound like a sweet remark from marvel Studios’ resident mad scientist, but it’s not. Instead, giving the fans what they wanted came as a double-edged sword. On one hand, we saw Krasinski in the classic FF blue, but the Reed Richards of Earth-838 put up no fight against Scarlet Witch before she murdered him. 

For those longing for another chance to see Krasinski as Richards, FF #570 could be your answer in the Council of Reeds. This issue introduced a concept so astoundingly sci-fi that Rick and Morty has parodied it with the Council of Ricks. Basically, it’s a conglomeration of different Reeds from across the Multiverse. Krasinski makes the third Mister fantastic to grace the silver screen, and marvel does enjoy its variants. combine the ideas, and you have the recipe for the MCU’s Council of Reeds.

The last 9.8 to trade hands was in March, and it swapped owners for the cost effective price of $75.

THE gathering OF REEDS

Marvel Studios will undoubtedly recast the part of Reed Richards for the fantastic four movie, but I can imagine we will see the previous Mister fantastic actors in some capacity in a No way Home-type moment. It will set the stage for the one true Reed who will become one of the pillars of the film franchise just like he’s been in the comics for over six decades.

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