The kind people at Afterburn have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics as well as other products featured in the January 2015 Previews, arranged to ship starting March 2015.


Written by Robert W. Hickey, expense Nichols
Art by Willie Peppers, Chris Dreier as well as Aero Zero
Cover by Willie Peppers, Chris Dreier
Onsale March 25th 2015 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99, on-going series, wrap around cover.

“Every story has a beginning…”

SkyStorm Origins spans the width as well as breadth of the SkyStorm world as a huge quest for shards of the TimeStone ramps up toward the Paradox Wars.

Stories of StormQuest, Hellgirl, the Darkness Chronicles, Tempered Steele as well as others all tie into this legendary journey!

SkyStorm Origins #1 has Merlin on the run in medieval times with Marta hot on his heels. He has something that she wants as well as is welling to do whatever it takes to take it from him. StormQuest appears to stop her from achieving her goals. emotions run high when they discover Merlin after events from the StormQuest graphic book #1.

Item #ABC1022 • UPC # 85454900022501122 • EAN: 978188842916950399

PARTS unknown graphic book #1

Written by beloved Smith
Art by Brad Gorby
Onsale March 25th 2015 • 110+ pg, FC, $18.99, restricted series.

Unlike other stories of alien invasions, there is no time to “watch the skies”.

They’re already here.

Scalons. Ruthless reptile-like beings that are well versed in the methods of rape, pillage as well as plunder. When the environment of their house world went poor as well as killed the women of their race they understood the males had to branch out as well as do so rapidly before they as well were declared by the toxic air of the world Scalon.

The world earth ended up being their new home. however like any type of new house it had to be furnished to satisfy their own twisted needs. That implied spreading their evil seed with earth women to create a new hybrid race to ensure that they might officially insurance claim earth as their own.
To do this it implied that earth women would be caught as well as taken against their will. anybody that got in their method would die.

Two members of an elite Chicago criminal offense system are going to try as well as make sure this doesn’t happen. Those two are Pendelton Spurr as well as Maria Lucci. two recuperating alcoholic very cops that might autumn off the wagon as well as under the wheel at any type of time.

They are the only two things standing between earth as we understand it as well as a whole new world order.

It’s time to stand up for the great guys.

PARTS unknown graphic book #1
Item #ABC2023
UPC #85454900022502023
EAN: 978188842962651899

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Afterburn April 2015 SolicitationsThe kind people at Afterburn have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics as well as other products featured in the February 2015 Previews, arranged to ship starting April 2015. SKYSTORM ORIGINS #2 Written by Robert W. Hickey, expense Nichols…
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First look at STORMQUEST: TIMESTORM volume 1Media release — With the statement of AFTERBURN’S very first monthly comic “SKYSTORM ORIGINS” beginning in March, 2015. The very first problem features the team of StormQuest from the STORMQUEST; TIMESTORM graphic book shipping in February 2015. StormQuest…
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