The kind folks at Aspen Comics have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics as well as other products featured in the June 2019 Previews, arranged to ship starting August 2019.


David Schwartz – story / Micah Gunnell ; Pasquale Qualano – Art / David Curiel – Colors

Aspen Comics proudly presents their very first ever super-hero series, IDOLIZED!

In a world full of superheroes, it can be so difficult for a skilled young person with powers to break into the hero market as well as make their mark. At long last, the new TV series SUPERHERO IDOL is offering you a shot to accomplish fame as well as ton of money as well as to modification your destiny. If you can make it through the difficulties as well as dominate the competition, you’ll get the biggest prize of all: the chance to join the world’s most revered super-team: THE POWERED PROTECTORS! IDOLIZED tells the story of a woman with fledgling superpowers as well as a dark past, who seeks revenge, as well as eventually finds redemption, over the program of contending in the SUPERHERO IDOL TV series.

Now, the entire IDOLIZED story is gathered into a large trade paperback, jam-packed with bonus materials that provide a unique look into the innovative process, including the original series pitch, scripts, character designs, art thumbnails, the process of producing a cover, never-before-seen pictures from the RACHEL CLARK cover picture shoot, as well as much more!

IDOLIZED is written by DAVID B. SCHWARTZ (“Meltdown”), with art by MICAH GUNNELL (“Shrugged”) as well as PASQUALE QUALANO (“Barman ’66”), with colors by DAVID CURIEL (“The Avengers”), as well as featuring a direct market cover by the legendary ARTHUR ADAMS. Don’t miss out on one of the most ingenious action-adventure series Aspen Comics has ever published!

IDOLIZED vol 1 TPB is in stores August 7th, 2019!
FC 176 pages $17.99 TPB

LOLA XOXO vol 3 #2

Siya Oum – story & Art

It’s mayhem in The Wasteland as Siya Oum’s best-selling Lola XOXO has reached its pivotal third volume!

Yellowstone Park is one of the country’s most cherished national treasures…That is, before the apocalypse permanently altered its landscape in the most deadly ways! Now, Lola must face this new geographical truth while likewise making a tragic discovery of her own!

Superstar creator Siya Oum provides a thrilling experience with her riveting story as well as gorgeous illustrations for this climactic Lola XOXO volume 3!

LOLA XOXO vol 3 #2 is in stores August 14th, 2019!
FC 32 pages $3.99

SOULFIRE vol 8 #3

J.T. Krul – story / Raffaele Forte – Art / Valentina Taddeo – Colors
Soulfire is back with its biggest story—and biggest difficulty to its heroes ever!
The bloody as well as contemptuous war of the Light rages on—but nothing can prepare either side for the biggest team-up in the history of the Soulfire universe! Grace as well as Rainier. Side-by-side! sufficient said!

Veteran Soulfire scribe J.T. Krul (Soulfire, Jirni) returns as well as teams up with rising star Raffaele Forté as well as colorist Valentina Taddeo (Aspen Visions: Soulfire) in this magical world-shattering new volume that will modification the deal with of whatever you understand about the Soulfire Universe!

SOULFIRE vol 8 #3 is in stores August 28th, 2019!
FC 32 pages $3.99

FATHOM vol 8 #4

Vince Hernandez – story / Mauricio Campetella – Art / Peter Steigerwald – Colors

The world below is no longer a trick as well as whatever has led to this…

In the darkest depths of the ocean, Aspen as well as Kiani must face the most deadly foe they’ve ever collectively faced—Anika fortified by the armor as well as incredible power of The Black!

Aspen’s Vince Hernandez (Michael Turner’s Fathom: Kiani, Charismagic) marks his debut on Fathom’s primary series together with artist Mauricio Campetella (Jirni) as well as colorists Peter Steigerwald (Fathom, Superman/Batman) in a storyline that will define the Fathom world for many years to come!

FATHOM vol 8 #4 is in stores August 21st, 2019!
FC 32 pages $3.99

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