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Wayne Markley

by Wayne Markley

Over the last six months or so, Vertigo Comics, an imprint of DC Comics, has released a number of new series. a few of these are continuous series as well as a few of these are miniseries or prolonged series. They cover a number of genres from fantasy to romance to horror. I am going to evaluation a number of these new titles. a few of them are excellent as well as none of them are bad. All are extremely innovative although not all work for me. all of these have extremely few problem out so far, mainly less than six, however almost all of them have trades coming out later this year if you want to wait as well as checked out the total story (which in a few situations I would recommended). I will likewise look at the newest volume of the Amulet series that just came out last week. as well as I will ask a concern of the visitors of this blog I truly would like your comments on. since I was dumbfounded by the problem as well as I cannot believe I am the only one.

Art Ops

Art Ops is by Shaun Simon with art by the always fantastic Mike Allred as well as Matt Brundage. This is a extremely different book as the premise is famous pieces of art are coming to life (for example, the Mona Lisa walks out of the painting as well as becomes a genuine person). The story includes Reggie Riot as well as his Agents of Art Ops traveling the world tracking done these rogue pieces of art. This leads to some extremely oddly entertaining stories including traditional art pieces as well as a range of develops of reality. This is book is rather a trip as well as is a mash up of fine art with surrealist fantasy. It seems to me that Allred is doing less of the art every problem so I discover that to be a negative, however general this entire book is extremely enjoyable.

Clean Room

Clean space is by Gail Simone Jon Davis-Hunt. now this is an fascinating book as it is based in the genuine world as well as all the strange stuff that goes on in the background. The lead character is a journalist named Chole Pierce, who has a life coach (guru?) Astrid Mueller, who unknown to Chole, totally messes with her life. There are great deals of twists as well as turns in this story as well as it goes to locations I would have never believed of. I truly enjoy this book as it glides between genres as well as every problem expands the mysteries of the lead character as well as of the mysterious self-help guru. In this book notihng is as it seems. one of my preferred of the new line of Vertigo titles.

Dark as well as Bloody

Dark as well as Bloody is by Shawn Aldridge as well as Scott Godlewski. There is only one problem so far in this series, however I must state I truly liked it. This title is clearly a horror title as well as the horror starts with the very first page. As there is so bit to judge this book on, I am not going to state a lot. however based on this very first problem it appears like this may be the break-out hit of all of these new Vertigo titles. I hope the future problems are as great as this very first one.

Last Gang in Town

Last Gang in town is written by Simon Oliver as well as drawn by Rufus Dayglo. This is one more title where I believe I am missing something. It is about a gang of punks in London who are committing little crimes working their method as much as the huge one. This books truly tries to catch a rock’n’roll/punk style however to me it misses it as well as is just muddy. The art does not charm to me as well as looks to be graffiti influenced. one more problem I had with the story was lack of linear storytelling. They were bouncing from the past to the present as well as the art seems so “loud” it took away from the story. The art is so stylized that is makes it difficult to checked out as well as comply with the story at times. however that is just my opinion.

New Romancer

New Romancer is by the prolific Peter Milligan with art by Brett Parson. This is a twelve problem series that mixes the fantastic heroes of romance, such as Lord Shelly as well as Casanova for example, as well as contemporary romance such as on the internet dating. This is a book I truly wished to like however after the very first three problems I have not. The lead character, Lexy, is doing on the internet dating up until something goes wrong. The art is extremely cartooney in locations as well as that just takes me out of the story. As A general rule, I truly like Milligan’s storytelling however this does not work for me. As frequently is the case, this story may checked out much better in one sitting in a collection as there does seem to be an general driving concept behind all that is going on.

Red Thorn

Red Thorn is written by David Baillie as well as drawn by Meghan Hetrick. This is a fantasy tale set in Glasgow Scotland as well as includes a woman whose drawings come to life as well as a giant demon that lives far beneath her house town as well as wishes to come to the surface for revenge. The story is extremely in much in the vein of Vertigo titles such as Deadboy Detectives in it is a fantasy with strong ties to the world we online in. The art is extremely clean as well as nice with some innovative page layout. As I am not big fan of this genre the book does refrain from doing a great deal for me, however it is extremely well done as well as if this is you cup of tea I am sure you will enjoy this book.

The Sheriff of Babylon

Sheriff of Babylon is by Tom King as well as art is by Mitch Gerdas. This is my preferred of the new crop of Vertigo books. This is a wartime criminal offense story set in Iraq in 2003. A retired authorities detective, Chris Henry, is acting as a consultant in Baghdad where one of his trainees is murdered. From there the story is off as Henry trusts nobody as well as has to work with the last Iranian authorities detective to try as well as solve this situation as well as stay to life during all the mayhem. This book is gritty, realistic, as well as driven. I am truly enjoying the trip each problem provides as well as Mitch Gerdas’ art has come along so far since The activity for picture (which was good, however right here his art is so much sharper as well as cleaner looking). This is likewise a 12 part story.

Slash & Burn

Slash & shed is written by Si Spencer as well as drawn by Max Dunbar. The story is about firefighter Rosheen Hayes, who seems to have no end to her problems, as well as all of them somehow include fire. This book is based in the genuine world as well as seems like a mental thriller. With each problem we discover more about Rosheen as well as the team around her. There is likewise a extremely fascinating backstory including a terminate at an orphanage. I am greatly intrigued by this book as it does not telegraph where the story is going as well as so far I have been surprised with every issue. The art is a bit stylistic for a book so anchored in the genuine world, however it works for this story. A hats off likewise to the colorist who does a fantastic task making all the fires in the story look unique as well as it does not look like a book with nothing however red as well as orange. worth inspecting out.

Survivors’ Club

Survivors’ Club is written by Dale Halvorsen as well as Lauren Beukes with art by Ryan Kelly. This is a sluggish shed horror comic that with every problem a bit more is revealed. While I have truly enjoyed this book so far, I am afraid the story is unfolding as well slowly as well as will not develop the audience it deserves. What I truly like about this book is Ryan Kelly’s art. It is perfect mix of realism with touches of fantasy mixed in making for the perfect mix. I suspect this book will checked out much much better in a trade paperback down the road.


Unfollow is by the fantastic Rob Williams (see his Royals: Masters of war for one more fantastic story) as well as Michael Dowling. A dying multi-billionaire, who made his money with social media, is dying as well as he is leaving his ton of money to 140 people selected at random. Or at least it seems like they were selected at random. As this story has unraveled the 140 are slowly dying (which means more money for the staying of the chosen) as well as we discover more about why these people were chosen out as well as who this billionaire is, as well as not is all good. I truly such as this book. While the idea has been done before I truly like the method Williams as well as Dowling are telling this tale of betrayal as well as intrigue. The art is perfect for this story which is firmly based in truth as well as might quickly occur tomorrow. This is a fantastic book.

Amulet: Firelight

Amulet 7 – Firelight is at long last out. That is the fantastic news. There will be a volume eight after all, which is likewise fantastic news. however thinking about exactly how long it took volume 7 to find out, almost precisely two years, 8 may be a extremely far method off. unfortunately number seven ends with “to be continued” however there is no hint of when we may see it. For those of you who have never checked out Amulet, the story includes a mother, her child Emily (who is the star of the series) as well as her younger sibling who land up in a strange land with all kind of different creatures, as well as Emily finds a wonderful stone. From there the experience never ends. It is full of ever altering locations, a interesting supporting cast, amazing inventions, as well as a appeal seldom seen in other books. It is a quest story in a fantasy realm unlike ours, as well as full of household love, as well as risk at all turns. as for the story in Firelight, it is a non-stop excitement trip moving all the characters ahead, reuniting some long lost friends, as well as a few of the cast do not come out of this volume the same. when onceagain Kazu Kibuishi has been able to craft a book about family, duress, friendship as well as what everything means. The art is even more gorgeous than his earlier volumes as well as the story runs like a freight train. He takes three different stories as well as is able to twist them all into one shocking ending. just like the very first six volumes, this has my greatest recommendations, for young visitors as well as adults alike.

Batman #49

Just a quick word about Batman #49. Huh? I believed this was a major disappointment. When I got to the last page I had to go back as well as make sure I did not avoid 10 pages somehow. Am I the only person who was totally taken aback by this? This was their solution? Am I that far out of touch? I would like to hear your opinions on this comic. My little poll so far agrees with me, however I would like wider input.

That is all for this round. whatever I have written right here is my viewpoint as well as in no method shows the thoughts of opinions of Westfield Comics or their employees. I hope you try a few of these books, or if you have checked out them already, what did you think? Did you enjoy them? Why? Why not? I welcome comments either right here or on Facebook. Is there some fantastic book available that I am not reading? I welcome your suggestion. As always…

Thank you.

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