Villains’ reign Variant Covers feature Bizarre – Yet amazing – marvel Hero/Villain Mashups

starting in December, Kingpin will war with new York City’s superheroes in Devil’s Reign, one of the eight upcoming marvel tentpole titles. The event feels like a spiritual sequel to Dark Reign, when Norman Osborne took over SHIELD. but also Shadowland, when Daredevil went too far, killing Bullseye, which allowed the Beast of the Hand to possess him. As a result, Daredevil ended up in an all-out war with every new York street-level hero (plus Wolverine). We don’t know too much about the title, but to celebrate, marvel is debuting eight Villains’ reign Variant Covers in January. However, these mashups of heroes and villains aren’t a easy “Captain America as Red Skull” or “Iron man as the Mandarin,” like we’ve seen in the past. Instead, these combinations feel like they pulled names out of a hat.

And it made for eight wonderfully crazy covers.

The Weirdest marvel Villains’ reign Variant Covers – but also kind of Brilliant?

(Images: marvel Comics)


When we say it feels like they pulled names out of a hat…this is what we mean. First, we have two “ah, that’s interesting” combinations at the top:

She-Hulk as Kraven the Hunter

Doctor unusual as the Ringmaster

Then we have the “what in the hell am I taking a look at and why do I love it” mashups:

Captain marvel as Mole Man

Captain America as Princess Python

You read that right. one of the Villains’ reign variant covers…is Cap as Princess Python. and it oddly works. but now, let’s take a look at the frightening ones.

These Villains’ reign variants will Haunt Your Multiversal Dreams

(Images: marvel Comics)

These next four go beyond weird. They enter the realm of “oh god no.” The first, Mary Jane Watson as Nightmare. Generally, Mary Jane is many guys’ amazing fantasy (if you don’t get that pun…shame). but the marvel character mashup in this Villains’ reign variant cover? Nope. turn and run, Peter Parker. You did not hit the jackpot.

Following dreams turned into Nightmare; we get inspiration looked to dread. this one makes the most sense out of all the combinations, but that doesn’t make it any less terrifying—Black Panther as Sabretooth. If there were a villain that could take on Black Panther and Wolverine simultaneously, it’s this guy. Whatever his name would be. BlackTooth? Sabre Panther? Panther Tooth? Black Sabre? Wait, I think that last one is from The Mandalorian. moving on…

Hulk. As. Kingpin. Honestly, any time Hulk wears a suit, he’s unsettling. wearing the white power suit Kingpin loves to don, he’s much more menacing than either character separately. However, out of all the Villains’ reign variant covers, the is a character who ought to debut in the marvel Universe. King Hulk the crime Lord? I’m already down for 100 issues.

But finally, we have a mashup that makes all the other Villains’ reign variant covers look like the Pet Avengers. Take Marvel’s many loveable rock monster, Ben Grimm, and combine him with death herself. death thing even sounds like a horrifying villain. So, sweet dreams, everyone!

Which one do you like the most? and what completely out there mashups would you want to see?
Cable and Rhino? White Queen and the Lizard? Ms marvel and Galactus? Lockjaw and Apocalypse…wait, that one needs to happen. Who’s a bad dog?!

(Featured Image: marvel Comics)

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