A COLLECTOR’S journey – organizing MY COLLECTION

turning boxes of comics into an actual “collection” indicates I have to organize things.  When I had three boxes of comics that just indicated putting each title into numerical order.  This was a quite basic task.  It was slowed down only by me agonizing over missed issues, wondering what adventures I didn’t get to follow.  Invariably I would jot these missed numbers down as well as slip a note into my budget in situation I was lucky sufficient to discover them while digging with the old dollar boxes at my comic shop.  Life was so much much easier back then – before marvel as well as DC had not yet found that there was money to be made in relaunching titles as well as starting back at #1.

I dislike Relaunches

While admittedly I am no expert, I can comprehend why the publishers like a relaunch.  a lot more clients are likely to jump into a new title if it is #1 versus #256.  It’s likewise a method to produce enjoyment as you pledge a new look or new direction for a character.

As a reader, I was ecstatic when DC tried it after its “Crisis On limitless Earths” mini-series.  enjoying Superman satisfy a re-imagined Lex Luthor for the very first time was intriguing.  Batman’s as well as Flash’s remarkable rogues’ gallery might get redefined.  However, all of this was at the expense of continuity.  might we truly just throw away all those old stories?  This as well as DC’s a number of relaunches considering that have made it difficult to appreciate their golden as well as Silver age stories.

Marvel dabbled with a failed year-long reset with “Onslaught-Heroes Reborn”.  They then selected producing an alternating utmost world (with some truly great as well as some truly poor storylines) instead of a company-wide relaunch.  however they as well have reset lots of comics to a new volume starting at #1 created to lure new readers.

Volumes of Volumes

Okay.  sufficient of why they did it.  What truly matters to me is that I have to find up with a method to put these in chronological order.  This indicates opening each book to see the volume or year it was published.  For instance… I currently have six Iron guy #1’s as well as they are all different!  I have:

Invincible Iron guy volume 1 #1

Invincible Iron guy volume 2 #1

Invincible Iron guy volume 3 (not #1, it’s #593 as they recounted them all)

Iron guy volume 2 #1

Iron guy volume 3 #1

Iron guy volume 4 #1

Iron guy volume 5 #1

This doesn’t even take into account the Iron guy mini-series as well as the Annuals that have #1 on them. Iron Man’s not even my preferred comic!  The Avengers are on volume 8.  Captain America is as much as volume 9.  I’m sure I was ecstatic to checked out the “All-New, All-Different new Direction” these series were introduced into.  however now as I try to lay them out in an bought fashion so my kids or grandchildren can take pleasure in a series if they wish, it’s a nightmare.

Those few strange Issues…

To make matters worse we’ve all been trapped by crossover stories needing us to get part of a different series to keep the storyline intact.  I don’t especially like DC’s “The new Titans”, however I have problems #60 as well as #61 since they were in Batman’s “A Lonely location Of Dying” storyline.  must I slide these two in between the Batman comics they associate to for some future reader, or do they get their own section of a box?

So please assist me out with this week’s question.

How do you organize your longboxes?  I comprehend a box of Avengers comics in order, however what about your occasional strange comics as well as tiny series?

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