CAN YOU keep in mind YOUR very first COMIC BOOK?

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Sonic the Hedgehog

by Miles “okpank” Perzewski

As I believe about this question, I can only believe of a few comics, however not one in specific that stands apart as the first.  seems like a difficult question.  There are so numerous comics out there, it’s a bit difficult for me to remember.  When I believe for a bit, the only two series it might have been are either Batman or Sonic the Hedgehog.  nothing stands apart to narrow it down any type of even more than that.  I always see people composing about what their very first comic was as well as exactly how it brought them to the medium.  For me, I just don’t seem to have that.  I believe I might recall the very first Anime I watched, however I’m not 100% specific of that either.  So do any type of of you keep in mind or not?

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