*Major Spoiler Warning* – 2000 ad Promises a Shock Revelation in Today’s problem of the Galaxy’s biggest Comic

*MAJOR SPOILER WARNING* – 2000 ad have a twist in the tale in today’s Prog so we’re not going to state as well much in this introductory blurb as well as instead let the press release below speak for itself…

Death is the longest walk – however for judge Barbara Hershey, it’s only the very first step!

HERSHEY: DISEASE by Rob Williams (Suicide Squad, Unfollow) as well as Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante, Kingsman) begins in 2000 AD Prog 2175 as well as sees judge Dredd’s long-time ally utilizing the cover of her faked funeral to head out into the world as well as ideal the wrongs dedicated by judge Smiley!

Readers were saddened last year when a microbial virus very first required Hershey to resign her setting as chief judge of Mega-City One as well as then obviously took her life in John Wagner as well as Colin MacNeil’s Guatemala (2000 AD Progs 2150-2157). however all was not as it seemed – judge Hershey was to life all along as well as she’s now on a objective of revenge that will take her far beyond the walls of Mega-City One!

Williams as well as Fraser have crafted a tense, moving new series that provides one of the Dredd world’s longest-standing characters a brand new lease of life – or is it simply borrowed time?

2000 AD Prog 2175 is out on 1 April 2020 as well as is offered in print from some newsagents as well as comic book stores, in addition to digitally from 2000 AD’s webshop as well as apps.

Created by John Wagner as well as Brian Bolland in 1980, judge Barbara Hershey was one of Justice Department’s a lot of respected as well as capable young officers before she ended up being chief Judge. however it was during the critically-acclaimed The little House storyline (2000 AD Progs 2100-2109) that her bond with long-time associate judge Dredd was near fatally damaged, complying with the revelation that there was a huge clandestine operation at the heart of Justice department run by judge Smiley, a Machiavellian manipulator who had managed world events for decades. during last year’s Guatemala storyline, as well as after Hershey’s evident death, the new chief judge was seen speaking to an anonymous voice by radio – the identity of that voice stayed unknown … up until now!

Editor of 2000 AD, Matt Smith, said: “When Hershey stood down as chief Judge, Rob pertained to me with the concept of a solo series, with her repairing Smiley’s tradition in the wake of The little House storyline. John stated he had no plans for Hershey, as well as was delighted for us to utilize her as we saw fit. When John composed the very first episode of Guatemala, he came up with a cover story that would take Hershey out of the game, with nobody however Logan, Dredd as well as a choose few others understanding the reality – as well as Rob worked his scripts in tandem with that. Hershey is still dying – she’s taking medication to stave off whatever microbe she’s been infected with – however she’s going out with the intent of righting wrongs that were done on her watch. Rob as well as Si’s series is a redemptive, violent, propulsive new arc for Hershey, with great deals a lot more surprises still in store.”

Co-creator of judge Hershey, John Wagner, said: “When going over the new series with Matt Smith as well as exactly how it may in shape in with Guatemala, I suggested Hershey’s death might just be a subterfuge – I had no plans for Hershey as well as am delighted to see others take her in new directions, so there’s a bit hint in Guatemala, that I don’t believe any individual spotted, that things were not as they seemed! as well as who doesn’t like a great old story of revenge?”

Rob Williams said: ”The concept for the series came off the back of The little House. I felt the “I no longer recognise your authority” line had been building for years, as well as was organic as well as justified, however it likewise didn’t truly let Hershey tell her side of things. I felt we’d undersold her a bit. as well as even in the scene that complied with it that John wrote, when Hershey as well as Dredd satisfy on their bikes – that we play on in Hershey episode one – that was still written from Dredd’s point of view. I felt, after exactly how long she’d been in the strip, she deserved a version that told her side of the story. A long walk for somebody who’s deserved a journey that isn’t just going into The Cursed Earth. A long walk for somebody stressed out as well as dying, who is asking herself the concern – my life’s run its purpose. So, what’s left? Can she discover that?

“Simon as well as I have worked together a lot of times as well as he’s a great friend. I believed he’d be fantastic for this. He stated he wished to draw her looking her age. Which was tonally precisely the themes of the story needed.

“John agreeing we might tell this story, as well as to in shape it in around Hershey’s ‘death’ in his story was importannull

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