Carmen Maria Machado Delivers a Surrealist, gorgeous horror Comic in The Low, low woods #1

When an acclaimed prose writer makes the leap to comics, it’s important to take notice. For instance, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ long-running Black Panther as well as Captain America. before Black Panther #1, he was already a prominent writer on social problems with likes between the world as well as Me as well as The gorgeous Struggle. So, when Carmen Maria Machado, the Lambda-award winning, Nebula as well as national book award nominee author of Her Body as well as other Parties, started composing The Low, low Woods, a horror comic for DC’s new hill home imprint, I definitely wished to take a look at problem #1. exactly how did it turn out?

Damned Brilliant.

The Low, low woods #1: Machado, Dani, as well as Bonvillain a Gritty Atmospheric Nightmare

(Image: Carmen Maria Machado as well as Dani, The Low, low woods #1, DC Comics)


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Machado composes a weird story before the art is even a part of it—women get up with memory loss, unsure of exactly how they got where they are. weird creatures come out of the woods as well as assault people. as well as the earth is cracked as well as smoking thanks to coal mine fires that a mega-corporation never put out. then we get to the art.

(Image: Carmen Maria Machado as well as Dani, The Low, low woods #1, DC Comics)

Dani’s pencils are erratic as well as in a way, undefined. They’re off in the very best way. whatever is off in a meticulous way. It’s weird as hell…and then Tamra Bonvillain (best name ever) is available in with her soft pastel tones. In one sequence, when there’s some back story, the colors work like seeing terminate with a haze as well as it’s a greatly unnerving effect.

Machado as well as Dani’s Creatures in The low Low woods #1 are Terrifying.

(Image: Carmen Maria Machado as well as Dani, The Low, low woods #1, DC Comics)

True, we only get a great look at one in Machado as well as Dani’s The Low, low woods #1, however it’s a fantastic promise of more to come—and complete stranger ones too. however look at this very first one. It’s like H.P. Lovecraft as well as complete stranger things had a baby…and that infant did some messed up things with a deer. What will we see next in this crazy book?

El as well as Vee Are immediately Likeable Characters

(Image: The Low, low woods #1, DC Comics)

When Machado as well as Dani’s The Low, low woods #1, the characters El as well as Vee get up in a movie movie theater just as a movie ends, their boots covered in mud. They have no concept exactly how they got there, as well as that’s something that the town has a long history of. however the method Machado composes them is quite brilliant. By the end of the issue, their friendship is completely defined. exactly how they react to the phenomenon, exactly how they talk about the woman Vee likes, El’s parents—it’s uniquely them as well as it feels like you might decrease these two in any type of type of comic—crime, superhero, western, whatever—nothing would modification in their dynamic.

And now we get to see exactly how their friendship develops—or exactly how it’s shaken—in a fantastic new series.

Grade: The High, High Praise

(Featured Image: The Low, low woods #1, DC Comics)

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