Let’s kick it off with born Without Bones. Their new album, young at the Bend, has a 1990s feel. great stuff. Here’s “Muscle,” which is a bit much more pop than the rest of the album…
Young At The bend by born Without Bones
On to new Calexico. These men have been going at it for over a decade, without any indications of stopping…

There’s a mountain Goats tribute/covers album coming soon. Here’s a prerelease single.
I only listen to the mountain Goats by different Artists
Blu as well as Exile have one more solid hip hop job under their belts, with guest shots by Aloe Blacc and, on this track, Blame One. It’s my preferred cut on the album.
In The Beginning: before The Heavens by Blu & Exile
Is she stating “some like it in the butt?” I can’t tell. Anyway, here’s a new single by The World…

Okay.  The butt is as great a location to “end” it as any…See you next week.

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